Bringing My A Game

So wedding season is here and many of us are in the throes of frantically searching for ‘that’ wedding outfit.  Well this year I’ve decided to recycle old outfits (or should I say upcycle darling – I’m so Soho). I can hear some of you gasping at the prospect but I don’t have the time or appetite to go shopping for a new wedding ensemble – plus I have outfits that made their debut four years ago and haven’t seen the light of day since.

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A Strange Liberty

I’m not a  fan of everything Hollywood pumps out but homegirl Merly Streep almost had me in tears with her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

I just loved the way she shimmed up to the mike in a totally unassuming manner and then WHAM… unleashed a can of whoopass on the President Elect. She’s not the first (and I’m pretty sure she won’t be the last) but this vixen went to town on the strange liberty that prevails much of the political dialogue coming out of the West; a liberty that seems to value power over freedom and destruction over peace.

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I’m Not Down with Buttercream

I’ve been on a one woman mission to bring about the demise of buttercream covered cupcakes.

I’m not crazy but buttercream has been the bane of my cupcake life.  Its sickly sweet taste and stick to the roof of your mouth texture has caused many adults to miss out on the delectableness that are cupcakes.

Point in case…

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