Womanhood, Part 2 – Headscarf and Yard Clothes


Womanhood for many millennial females has become synonymous with the seven day slay. We’re bosses and as such we’ve created a narrative that tells the world real women wake up set to slay ALL the time. Make-up must slay, hair must slay, career must slay; and whilst I’m all up for a bit of slayage, the idea that you have to be 10 outta 10 all the time is a utter madness.

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The Perfect Storm – How to Survive

It was one of those spring afternoons when the air turned thick, the wind became warm and fierce and the sky held the potential for a pefect storm.  I love a good thunderstorm hence why I convinced my friend to snap a few pictures whilst things were relatively calm.  I think there’s a unique stillness which happens just before the perfect storm. Its like all the elements are quietly assembling into place backstage before the curtain goes up and the show starts.

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