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Womanhood, Part 2 – Headscarf and Yard Clothes


Womanhood for many millennial females has become synonymous with the seven day slay. We’re bosses and as such we’ve created a narrative that tells the world real women wake up set to slay ALL the time. Make-up must slay, hair must slay, career must slay; and whilst I’m all up for a bit of slayage, the idea that you have to be 10 outta 10 all the time is a utter madness.

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Womanhood Series 3 – I’m Not Your Superwoman


Superwoman, that was my only option, I was never given the option to be anything else.  I grew up believing that black women  had an endless supply of resilience, we were the careers not the cared for and we were the reason for everything that was broken in our community.

I feel the need to reiterate this – please don’t come at me with ‘black women think they own the monopoly on struggle’ thing. 

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