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Womanhood, Part 5 – The Season Has Changed, So Should Your Game


Dark mornings and the streets beautifully decorated with amber leaves; autumn is here! The noticeable chill in the air marks the beginning of indoor activity season, so this weekend my girlfriend decided to host a slumber party. We munched on Maltesers whilst listening to Mary J and debated that age old question…WHAT’S UP WITH MEN?! By 3am we were nowhere close to an answer, so gave up and went to bed.

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Womanhood Series 3 – The Silent Woman


The silent woman thinks that not speaking about something still equates to speaking about it. To her, silence is not the absence of conversation because not talking is her way of letting you know there’s a storm a-brewing  (or she’s trying to prevent a storm from brewing).

The silent woman is baiting you, so don’t be fooled. Don’t try to turn the volume of her silence down by asking questions like ‘are you ok?’ – you know good and well she isn’t. 

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