A Strange Liberty

I’m not a  fan of everything Hollywood pumps out but homegirl Merly Streep almost had me in tears with her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

I just loved the way she shimmed up to the mike in a totally unassuming manner and then WHAM… unleashed a can of whoopass on the President Elect. She’s not the first (and I’m pretty sure she won’t be the last) but this vixen went to town on the strange liberty that prevails much of the political dialogue coming out of the West; a liberty that seems to value power over freedom and destruction over peace.

I laughed when Streep aptly highlighted that if  America ‘kicks all the foreigners out they’ll have nothing to watch except football and mixed-martial arts‘.  But on a more serious note, I really applaud her strategic use of the ceremony to point out the disgraceful ignorance openly modelled by those in power. 

When those in power use divisive language to draw battle lines between social groups it gives licence to the actions of the witless masses. It gives the green light to individuals who attempt to drown a child because of the colour of his skin and a pat on the back to airlines that throw passengers off planes for uttering a few words in Arabic.

Meryl Streep is undoubtedly able to use her status to help counteract the spread of illiberal views.  She has the world pouring over her speech and many other Hollywood A-listers taking up arms; however the message sent out by Streep is one that we can all echo in our own little sphere. Regardless if we are retail assistants, nurses, refuse collectors, teachers or stay at home parents; if each and every single one of us purposes to ‘safe-guard the truth’ and to not choose the path of ignorance we can effect a type of change that will leave a better world for generations to come. It was Isaiah Berlin who said,

Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs’.

It is only through truth seeking, truth speaking and truth living that we can mount a force strong enough to challenge the liberty of modern day wolves.    


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