About Me

My name is Shauna, a thirty something Caribbean who has come to live on the outskirts of Birmingham via South Yorkshire. I’m a Christian that finds true delight in God’s word as my source of strength and direction.  Cupcakes are the way to my heart and if I had to choose between marmite and Brussel sprouts, I’d take the marmite hands down.  I have a background in political science and over ten years experience working in education, ranging from the classroom to research development.

I initially started diamondboxproject just to occupy a small corner of the interweb documenting moments in my life with the hope to bring a little inspiration to yours; however dimondboxproject is evolving and I’ve launched a coaching program with specific focus on using metacognition to support people from all walks of life to pursue purpose in a strategic and practical way.

Diamondboxproject will continue to grow, and as it does I hope by following my journey you will be inspired to become your own diamond.

Enjoy  x