Womanhood Series 2 – Angry Black Woman

Angry Black Woman

Angry black woman, oh please! This depiction of black women is redundant. Yes I can get angry; yes I’m black and yes it so happens that I’m a woman. And yes there is a hint of ‘attitude’ in my tone, but please don’t conclude that I’m angry. It’s not anger, its passion mingled with a hint of frustration. Shockingly black women (just like other human beings) can experience a spectrum of emotions; anger is ONE of them but so are joy, fear and admiration.

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Womanhood Series 2 – Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation

Please can we have a standing ovation for the men in my community. Valentines day has gone (thank goodness) but I’m sprinkling love on our black men anyway. We appreciate you guys! For those who find the concept of black appreciation extra or think it’s discriminatory because all people deserve a standing ovation, feel free to stop reading. If you do choose to read on, please be aware of three things;

1. It’s going to get extra with a capital X
2. Taking time to appreciate black men, doesn’t mean that other men don’t deserve some appreciation too. It’s not a zero sum game
3. There will be references to the Black Panther movie but I promise no spoilers

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Womanhood Series 2 – This Woman’s Work

Woman's Work

This Woman’s Work is one of my favourite songs.  I like the Kate Bush version but when Maxwell puts his signature neo-soul vocals to the lyrics I’m like, yes this my jam!

I was listening to a lecture about differences in the way men and women think.  The speaker used the analogy of spaghetti and waffles – men think in straight lines like a waffle and women think in spirals like spaghetti. 

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