Bringing My A Game

So wedding season is here and many of us are in the throes of frantically searching for ‘that’ wedding outfit.  Well this year I’ve decided to recycle old outfits (or should I say upcycle darling – I’m so Soho). I can hear some of you gasping at the prospect but I don’t have the time or appetite to go shopping for a new wedding ensemble – plus I have outfits that made their debut four years ago and haven’t seen the light of day since.

Furthermore shopping for wedding attire requires entire different skills sets to ‘normal’ clothes shopping.  There are prerequisites to how a wedding guest must look you know. I mean you have to find that happy medium between causal and flashy; do you go for Sex in the City or keep it traditional? And by no means can you wear white, off-white, ivory, eggshell or cream!  Such a saga…(exhale).

Anyone who knows me understands my mild obsession with A line skirts; so this year I thought strategically and decided to bring my A game. I figured with a little creativity and a new clutch bag a plain A line could be jazzed-up (sorry upcycled) and ready for a summer wedding in no time at all.

So here’s my first attempt at upcycling for a wedding.  I thought I’d include a few pictures of my  gorgeous sister friend who also (we honestly didn’t plan this) rocked up to our first wedding of the year with her A line game on point (Audrey Hepburn style).

Wedding Season

My A line skirt came courtesy of Ted Baker and cost a whopping £6.99, yes you heard me right £6.99 (like I said I’m bringing my A game!).  The most stressful part of putting this outfit together was finding the right clutch bag to set everything off, but thank goodness for this little find.  The added bonus was enough room to hold all my essentials too.

Clutch it

Moral of the story…

It’s not always necessary to rush out and buy something new for a wedding.  Take some time to have a rummage through your wardrobe, get creative, be bold and bring your A game!



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  1. You definitely have me thinking because I never wear the same dress I buy to go to a wedding…I hardly “recycle”but then again I don’t think I have a lot of clothes….All this matchy stuff…Ill need some help with though.

    You guys look “A Class” might I add. Stunning

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