Womanhood Series 2 – Just Let Me Be

Just Let Me Be


Just let me be normal.

Just let 2018 be a year where I don’t have to prove my womanness by being extraordinary.

One day when I was about eight years old I can home from school and declared to mum that I wasn’t going to be a doctor, nurse or teacher – oohhh no; I was going to be an ordinary person.  My eldest sister was obsessed with London’s Burning, so had her sights set on becoming a firewoman.  I was pretty sure my brother would be a carpenter.  My other sister was fascinated by martial arts, so I figured her and my cousin would form some kind of Caribbean justice league.  They’d take down villains by fusing together a few moves from Bruce Lee, with the transforming ability of Optimus Prime and mutant gene of Wolverine.

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I’m Not Down with Buttercream

I’ve been on a one woman mission to bring about the demise of buttercream covered cupcakes.

I’m not crazy but buttercream has been the bane of my cupcake life.  Its sickly sweet taste and stick to the roof of your mouth texture has caused many adults to miss out on the delectableness that are cupcakes.

Point in case…

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