Red Velvet If You Please

Red velvet with a twist

If you know me well then you’ll understand my passion for red velvet.  I just love the colour of that earth red sponge, fragrantly seasoned with dark chocolate and topped with a swirl of cream cheese.  And yes I know there’s been a

backlash against the resurgence of red velvet from those trend setters (I don’t know any of them personally) over in NYC and Hollywood; but in my eyes the deliciousness that is red velvet can never be negated.

If the deluge of food colouring required by many red velvet recipes causes you to rub your eyes, reach for your reading glasses and double check if you saw the quantity right, then why not use a food colour paste instead of the liquid form – you won’t need as much. Alternatively you could go veggie and get your beet on.  Beetroots are high in fiber, rich in anti-oxidants and will achieve that velvety red that you need for your cupcakes.


Granted a little extra work may need to go into using beets, as some recipes require you to roast then puree them; but if you’re getting that anti-oxidant hit, why not?   I tend to garnish red velvet with dark chocolate shavings and fresh strawberries; however in celebration of spring (just me or has it been a ridiculously long winter?).

I decided to go that extra mile and bring back the morello cherry and blackberry infused dark chocolate filling, loving topped with my signature flavoured cream cheese.  Just my way of giving spring a resplendent HELLO!


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  1. Red velvet is one of my favourite cakes ….it needs to be really rich though..incorporating the beetroot is healthier option and will be worth my try.

    Thank you

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