I’m Not Down with Buttercream

I’ve been on a one woman mission to bring about the demise of buttercream covered cupcakes.

I’m not crazy but buttercream has been the bane of my cupcake life.  Its sickly sweet taste and stick to the roof of your mouth texture has caused many adults to miss out on the delectableness that are cupcakes.

Point in case…

A few years back I made a batch of cupcakes for potluck.

Side note: If you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ll come to realise that my friends and family aren’t the must tactful or diplomatic; they call em how they see em and I applaud em for that.

So it was time for desert and upon revealing my labour of love a friend turned his noise up and in his quintessentially French accent said he hated cupcakes.  I was pretty new to the cupcake game so after a few mild threats he agreed to sample a morsel.  Safe to say he’s not looked back since and neither have I. My mission is resolute – DOWN WITH BUTTERCREAM!

Cupcake Ice cream

However, don’t let my passionate antipathy for buttercream  be mistaken for a dislike of those who frost with buttercream. I know perfectly sane delightful people who make perfectly fine buttercream frosted cupcakes.  However I just think fresh cream frosting opens up a whole world of tastiness that is seldom explored due to the popularity and ease of buttercream.

Wedding Session

I’ve found if you make your frosting as if you’re making ice cream you’ll get a lighter refined taste.  And yes it takes more effort than traditional buttercream but the taste sensation is so worth it. You can also play around with  a host of complex flavour profiles when you use fresh cream. This allows you to unashamedly enjoy a cupcake whilst seeming very mature because you can say stuff like, ‘this cupcake has a complex flavour profile…’

Cupcake Bespoke

Cupcake it

I don’t know if it’s the hue of summer or the fact that I haven’t baked for a long time (possibly a combo of the two) but I’m thinking of trying a new flavour of frosting – maybe a pistachio and caramel type thing…watch this space!

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