Let Him Eat Cake – For Real Men Only

I’ve heard a few grumblings from male contemporaries about 2017 being the year of the woman. Not that these men were complaining about women gaining ground in the fight for equality, but they were feeling a little left out. So in the spirit of equity, fairness and all the other synonyms that denote impartiality, here is a little something for the men folk – strictly no girls allowed.

A few years ago I decided to create a  designated man cake collection after someone hinted that creamed cakes are for girls and real men only eat fruit cake (laughable, I know).

Cake for Men

Cake for Men

Man Cake

So what exactly made these cakes more manly, I hear you say?

Apart from adding a few masculine grunts during the baking process and a fist pump here and there, absolutely nothing. Well actually that’s not entirely true, I did try to make sure each cake lent to one side and didn’t  work to hard at rounding off the edges, cuz you can’t get any more masuline than a cake with rough egdges!

I’ve included images as evidence of how I stayed true to the essence of creating cakes fit for real men (professional cakers I apologies, please don’t judge me).

Man Cake

I don’t even level the cake and look how I allowed the filling to carelessly tumble over the sides; I mean if that ain’t manly caking I don’t know what is (insert grunt and two fist pumps).

I hope this post is taken in the good humour it’s intended because I was totally unsure as to why a cake containing cream was more effeminate than one containing fruit but I’m unsure about a lot of things in life (like pineapple on pizza), so I just figured roll with it and have a little fun. The reality is, a cake is just a cake and the majority of men aren’t really concerned if its manly looking or not, just as long as it tastes good.


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    1. I’m such a nerd cuz I was laughing after writing the post..lol! But no more smooth edges for you from now on, MANLY LOOKING CAKE ONLY !

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