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Womanhood Series 2 – We Are Breakable


I’ve done myself a disservice by not writing this sooner but in our hyper-modern, post-racial, ‘we don’t see colour just people‘ society I’ve become weary about sharing my experiences. But now the frustration from not telling this story supersedes my weariness, so please fix the base, adjust that treble and give me more volume on the mike. The melody of this blog will be all too familiar to some; sing along if you know it. For those who don’t like my sound, then please feel free to switch the frequency.

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Womanhood Series 2 – Angry Black Woman

Angry Black Woman

Angry black woman, oh please! This depiction of black women is redundant. Yes I can get angry; yes I’m black and yes it so happens that I’m a woman. And yes there is a hint of ‘attitude’ in my tone, but please don’t conclude that I’m angry. It’s not anger, its passion mingled with a hint of frustration. Shockingly black women (just like other human beings) can experience a spectrum of emotions; anger is ONE of them but so are joy, fear and admiration.

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Who Are You Looking At, Part 3 – Winter of Discontent

Winter of Discontent

Winter is here and boy is it going on boujie. Gale force winds, hail, floods and now 10 inches of snow. Please believe this blog post is coming to you from under the duvet – my plan is to hibernate here until this winter of discontent is over.

The duvet is also sheltering me from transient winds on all fronts – the past few weeks have been crazy! Everyone seems to be facing a bleak season. If it isn’t issues with health, it’s been problems with relationships, or finances and work.  I mean, the year was going relatively well but then along comes winter and its all change. Isn’t that typical of life though?

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