Womanhood Series 2 – We Are Breakable


I’ve done myself a disservice by not writing this sooner but in our hyper-modern, post-racial, ‘we don’t see colour just people‘ society I’ve become weary about sharing my experiences. But now the frustration from not telling this story supersedes my weariness, so please fix the base, adjust that treble and give me more volume on the mike. The melody of this blog will be all too familiar to some; sing along if you know it. For those who don’t like my sound, then please feel free to switch the frequency.

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Womanhood Series 2 – This Woman’s Work

Woman's Work

This Woman’s Work is one of my favourite songs.  I like the Kate Bush version but when Maxwell puts his signature neo-soul vocals to the lyrics I’m like, yes this my jam!

I was listening to a lecture about differences in the way men and women think.  The speaker used the analogy of spaghetti and waffles – men think in straight lines like a waffle and women think in spirals like spaghetti. 

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Womanhood Series 2 – Women Issues

Women issues

‘Women issues’ occupied every bit of the media this week; from Oprah Winfrey’s impassioned Golden Globe speech, to Carrier Gracie calling out the BBC on their illegal pay practices (not to mention Theresa May’s sham of a scam of a mockery cabinet reshuffle). I spent a good part of the week screaming at news interviews or giving standing ovations to people from all walks of life boldly declaring the end of abuse towards women and girls. But amongst all the inspired tweets and speeches it was clear that progress when it comes to ‘women issues’ has been slow and overstated.

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